Available Services - Event Catering - Cooking Classes - Private Chef Services

Hire Dooryard Provisions chef and owner Maria Clementi and her team for your next event, small or large.  If sustainable, local, seasonal foods are important to you and your guests, look no further.

Choose from multiple course plated options, buffet style or family style events or appetizer/ grazing table options.  Maria also offers cooking classes for small groups.  

Chef Maria has vegan, plant-based options AS WELL AS menus focusing on clean, sustainably raised animal proteins.  All menus are designed special for you and your event, what do you really want?  Check below for some of our past menus for ideas.  Everything is always from scratch, local ingredients are made a priority and seasonality will be the focus.

Contact chef Maria by emailing dooryardprovsions@gmail.com to discuss your interest and to plan your next event.

Black rice crackers with seared Ahi tuna, avocado and lime
Chilled gazpacho tomato soup with melon and truffle oil
Charred eggplant sourdough toasts with black trumpet aioli
Garbanzo bean socca pancakes with crema, savory fruit tapenade and seasonal herb salsa
Wild mushroom and Kombu seaweed sipping broth with ginger and garlic
From scratch fermented sour crisps with olive tapenade, artichoke hummus and fava bean garlic spread
Wild seaweed salad
Wild mushroom bisque

Second Course
Dried and fresh fruit, nut and cheese charcutier
Fennel and green olive salad with fresh figs
Herbed quinoa with pistachio pesto, chili and arugula
Watermelon, edamame and mint salad
Cold herbed lentils with roasted beets, sundried tomatoes and lemon
Wedge salad with vegan ranch dressing, avocado, 5-minute egg
Roasted Japanese eggplant with homemade kimchi,toasted Nori seaweed crisps
Spicy Moroccan carrot salad
Raw zucchini ‘zoodles’ with sesame sunflower dressing
Roasted Brussel sprouts with chili sauce, lemon and parmesan 
Oysters on the half shell with seasonal minette and herb salad
From scratch chicken pate with homemade sour dough and pickles
Layered seasonal mushroom vegetable broth with savory tea cakes
Roasted garlic and lemon 'tin' mackerel with local tomato olive tapenade, poppy seed bread
Cesar salad with corn bread croutons, sun dried tomato relish and avocado

Wild Salmon, pan seared, poached, baked, smoked, prepared with seasonal sides
Baked whole local Blackrock Fish with lemon and rosemary served with seasonal sides
Organic local lamb burgers, feta and mint
Tomato braised beef short ribs
Roasted Chicken thighs with herbs and garlic 
Oven roasted pork tenderloin
Pan seared Maitake mushroom ‘steaks’ with roasted polenta and bitter spring greens
Barley and wild mushroom ragout with yogurt flat bread with 
Sundried tomato, artichoke burgers with horseradish yogurt
Heirloom purple Farro with broccoli rabe, fennel and Calabrian chili oil
Seasonal Vegetable Socca with heirloom corn posole
Mushroom Miso Soup with black rice noodles, seasonal vegetables and grilled tofu
Vegetarian Cassoulet with sautéing greens
Vegan vegetable lasagna, options: zucchini noodles or wakame seaweed noodles

Coconut black rice pudding
Lemon olive oil cake with cardamom cashew buttercream or cardamom whip cream
Seasonal fresh fruit with from scratch coconut yogurt
Grilled peaches with rum caramel sauce
Avocado cacao mouse with seasonal fresh fruit
Raspberry chocolate cake with ganache frosting
Mexican chocolate pudding with fresh seasonal fruit
From scratch Ice cream

Menu example including Animal Proteins

Wild mushroom bisque
Green cous cous salad with herbs, arugula and pistachios
Pan seared wild Salmon with a tomato saffron broth, lime butter, sauteed wild nettle and Scarlet Runner beans
Roasted carrots with carrot top remoulade
Strawberry shortbread cookies with from scratch strawberry jam and cardamom whip cream

Vegetarian and Vegan Menu example

Vegetarian cassoulet with seasonal greens
Wild rice with herbs and dried figs
Roasted fall root vegetables with horseradish cashew cream
Seasonal green salad with lemon and black pepper

Vegetarian chili with seasonal vegetables
GF local corn bread
GF pasta salad with parsley lemon and garlic sauce
Tat soi salad with shredded cabbage, arugula and cherry pear vinegrette